Buy & sell used car. Smartly.

Full concierge service without the steep cut from dealers

Our Garage

We only sell cars that are pre-inspected by a trusted third-party. Rest assured the qualities of our cars!

Buyer's Benefits

Best Price

Instead of renting expensive showrooms, we empower transactions through technology and our professional car enthusiasts. All the saved operating costs in turns benefits our buyers with competitive pricing.

Third Party Inspection

All of the consigned cars are fully inspected by a third party motor inspection company, offering you transparent health condition of our cars and the same level of confidence as an approved used car.

Test Drive, Delivered

Our team of car enthusiasts will deliver the car to your doorsteps and answer any questions you may have during a personal test drive.

Let us help you sell

Competitive pricing

We don't have to worry about heavy operating costs typically borne by traditional dealers, making ourselves very comfortable in giving you the highest offer on your car sale.

Full service, No steep cut

A full range of services includes exhibiting your car in our carpark, arranging test drives with potential buyers, handling documentation and transactions, beautification, an inspection report and listing your car on various online marketplaces.

Highest Cash offer

You have options to sell the car to us and get instant cash, or consign the car with us so that we, as your trusted and personal concierge, can identify the most suitable buyer for you.

Need Help?

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